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August 2, 2010

Not-so-urban legend

Apparently there's a world of riches underneath Lake Albert. You can get there by putting two eggs in a basket, placing the basket in the lake, then climbing inside the basket and sinking to the bottom. Be sure to bring another person with you, though. That way, you can sell their body to the lake-dwellers for lots of cash. That cash can be brought back to the surface, or spent at any of the fine shopping malls under the lake. Oh, and this watery underworld is a safe place to hide when the apocalypse comes, or so Nurse Violet tells me.

People believe this. I shit you not.

UPDATE: My next-door neighbor has warned me not to be out on the street past midnight. Men who roam the streets in the wee hours, she says, have been known to decapitate strangers, thinking that they can sell the heads to the lake people. In a kind of Darwinian justice, these men get their comeuppance when they drown in the lake, basket, eggs, and all.


  1. Though some do get their comeuppance when they get rich and laugh all the way to the bank...poetic justice is a female dog

  2. I've been keeping up with your blog from TX- it's an amazing one, both for the content and for the quality of the writing. It totally deserves the blog award that it got.

    Your friend, Steven

  3. So what do you do now that it is the school holiday? Have you tried the egg and basket trip?

  4. Might make the trip after blowing the rest of my living allowance on whitewater rafting at Jinja. The question is, which unfortunate soul will I sell to the lake people?

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  6. Gotta watch out for those night dancers too. They'll get you every time.